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Equitation for the Everyday Rider by Leonie Marshall

Equitation for the Everyday Rider by Leonie Marshall

Model Number: 9781852239886

£10.00 GBP
Equitation for the Everyday Rider is a comprehensive self-help guide for the many riders who are unable to take advantage of regular professional tuition, and yet wish to progress beyond the basics. Highly accessible, and fully illustrated, the book shows you how to improve your seat and master more advanced school movements and exercises, thus making it possible for you and your horse to progress together towards achieving your ultimate goals.

Training facilities
The principles of training and giving yourself a lesson
Rider position and the aids
The horse’s paces
Straightness, suppleness, balance and submission
School movements and exercises
Schooling on the flat and over jumps
Lungeing and long-reining
Hacking out
Choosing a specific discipline