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Equestrian Technique by Tris Roberts

Equestrian Technique by Tris Roberts

Model Number: 9780851315553

£16.00 GBP
Some damage to the jacket. Equestrian Technique is a no-nonsense guide to the skills required for effective horsemanship, at all levels. Aimed at beginners and more experienced riders alike, the text offers a complete course in riding and jumping, providing theory and down-to-earth advice to back up practical experience in the saddle. The thorough and systematic approach ensures that the full range of riding skills can be learnt in the correct sequence and with a good understanding of the underlying principles.

Throughout the book there is special emphasis on the two-way communication that should exist in any horse-and-rider partnership. If true harmony is to be achieved it is vital that the horse understands the rider’s signals (aids) and, equally, the rider must be aware of how his horse is responding. To this end, there are detailed explanations on the ways in which the rider can ‘talk’ to his horse through the subtle application of individual aids, singly and in combination, and ‘listen’ to what the horse is telling him in response.

Whether the object is to start riding from scratch, to improve performance, or to compete successfully in dressage, jumping or cross-country events the keen horseman will find that Equestrian Technique contains all he needs to know. En route, the author will introduce the rider to the wealth of pleasure, entertainment and satisfaction that be derived from effective communication with his horse.