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Arabian Exodus by Margaret Greely

Arabian Exodus by Margaret Greely

Model Number: 851312233

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Today, it is universally recognised that the Arabian is a horse with certain unique characteristics; beauty, courage, intelligence, and legendary stamina. Characteristics unfailingly transmitted to its progeny.

What is less well known is the history of the Arabian horse and its fight to retain its purity and its very survival.

In this book the author has set out to record the story from pre-Biblical times, to the present day. It is a record of pilgrimage which began in the desert. The author has taken as the nucleus of that pilgrimage the historic journey of a group of horses who left their homeland and were brought to England. Thence their descendants spread to Europe and beyond, and are found today in every continent, and still valued for perfections. The author has used many extracts from contemporary diaries and traveller’s accounts, including those of Lady Ann Blunt, and her husband Wilfrid Scawen Blunt – to whom the world owes a debt that can never be repaid for the survival and preservation in its purity of the Arabian breed. The book is very well illustrated. Photographs come from many sources; world wide, and from the author’s own collection.

The Foreword is by Anthony Dent.