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The Endurance Horse by Ann Hyland

The Endurance Horse by Ann Hyland

Model Number: 9780851314372

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The sport of long-distance riding is one of the fastest growing equestrian activities in the world. This book is a comprehensive survey of all aspects of endurance riding, and gives the newcomer and the seasoned competitor - as well as the interested bystander - an excellent overview of the history and practice of the sport. Part One is a fascinating look at the horse in history, with vividly told and often moving stories of endurance feats from the time of Homer until the present. The prodigious marches of Alexander the Great and the Mongols, the tragedies or warfare from the middle ages to Afghanistan today, and the stamina required of the horse as beast of burden and conveyer of passengers are brought alive, as are the journeys of horses and riders who covered the miles for the sake of the ride itself. For those participating in the sport today, Part Two contains practical instruction, from the basics with the novice horse to tips for the 100 miler. The type of horse, feeding, schooling and conditioning are all covered, together with down to earth advice and information on preparing for and competing in a ride, and how to deal with (of preferably avoid) the various problems which may occur. Part Three is an exhaustive survey of the nations which currently take part in the international sport of endurance riding. Each country's rules are summarised, and cameo portraits are presented of their top horses and riders, together with the comments of many of the competitors on what is important to them about endurance riding and how they would like to see the sport develop