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Cross-Country with Blyth Tait: A Photo Analysis of Technique

Cross-Country with Blyth Tait: A Photo Analysis of Technique

Model Number: 9781872119731

£25.00 GBP
One of the greatest challenges for cross-country riders is knowing how to answer the questions posed by the wider variety of obstacles that can be found on today’s courses.

This book offers the solution: it provides a masterclass – a virtual private lesson – on how to tackle different cross-country fences, from Blyth Tait, one of the world’s greatest cross-country riders.

Join Blyth as he takes a look at a wide spectrum of cross-country obstacles and tells riders exactly how he would jump them. For each fence type – from ditches to drops, from arrowheads to coffins – he outlines the ideal technique, so that riders are in no doubt as to what they should do to achieve the correct outcome. He also distils the advice into quick-reference key points, which can later serve as valuable reminders. But, most importantly, using superb photo sequences of horses and riders negotiating cross-country fences, he provides an informed commentary on what is happening throughout each sequence, pointing out strengths and weaknesses in technique, and offering valuable advice for improvement or praise where it is due.

In addition there is advice on fundamental riding skills, such as balance, speed, rhythm, control, impulsion, as well as on how to walk the course and cope efficiently with the start box and the ten-minute box. Horse and rider equipment and fitness are also discussed, along with common problems.

Cross-country riders of all levels – whether eventing, team chasing, hunter trialling or simply riding over a few natural obstacles while out hacking – will find this book an invaluable source of reference and pleasure to own.