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Cooper Henderson and the Open Road by Charles Lane

Cooper Henderson and the Open Road by Charles Lane

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This is the first biography of Charles Cooper Henderson whose paintings of Road Scenes, as they were known, are acknowledged as the most lively, accurate and authentic pictures of 19th Century carriages and Mail and Stage coaches. On his death it was said that what “Nimrod’s pen did for the road was equally well done by Henderson’s brush”.

Cooper Henderson was the younger son of the wealthy amateur artist John Henderson. His early years were spent in London after being educated at Brighton and Winchester College. He seemed destined to lead an orthodox if slightly aimless life as a gentleman of private means who enjoyed painting. The circumstances of his marriage in 1829 were far from ordinary making him embark on a short painting career to supplement an allowance. He quickly established himself as the pre-eminent painter of road scenes even compared with the decorative work of James Pollard.

This book describes the age in which Henderson lived, his life and works, and provides a commentary on other contemporary artists who painted carriages nada coaches. The public galleries where Henderson’s paintings and watercolours can be seen are given, and there is a detailed list of all known engravings after his work. The many illustrations show his range and diversity and demonstrate why he is accepted as the best painter of the Open Road.