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The New Policeman trilogy: The White Horse Trick by Kate Thompson

The New Policeman trilogy: The White Horse Trick by Kate Thompson

Model Number: 9781862309418

£4.99 GBP
Number 3 in The New Policeman series.

The end of the twenty-first century draws close, and devastating climate change has made life in Ireland almost impossible. The last of the survivors are being rounded up by the local warlord and put to work in his labour camps.

Even in Tir na n’Og, the land of eternal youth, all is not well. They are suffering from a sudden refugee crisis and the king of the fairies is determined to find out why. When it becomes clear that the warlord causing all the trouble is a member of the Liddy family, JJ is sent on the dangerous journey across the time skin to sort him out.

But JJ is an old man and his lifespan in Ireland has long since expired. The only way he can make the journey is by resorting to the ancient and extremely dangerous white horse trick. And he must stay in the saddle if he is to have any change of surviving the trip...

The devastating conducing part of the highly acclaimed New Policemen trilogy.

For ages approx. 8-12 years old.