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Hamish by Joanna Cannan

Hamish by Joanna Cannan

Model Number: 9781899470129

£3.25 GBP
The story of a Shetland pony.

“Hamish stood by the post thinking. The yard was dull and dismal and Hamish thought that it was the horse thieves’ den. A Welsh or an English pony might stop there, Hamish thought, byt not a Scottish one. He shook his head and then he rubbed it against the post, and then he shook it and then he rubbed it again. The headcollar slipped over his little ears and over his little nose, and Hamish gave two little bucks of joy and trotted out of the dull and dismal yard.”

Hamish is a little brown Shetland pony who is very proud to be Scottish. He lives in the Scottish Highlands until his master sells him to an English girl and he travels to London on a train. Left tied to a post at Euston Station, he soon breaks free and trots away to see the sights of London. No-one can catch him because he doesn’t understand English and so begins his exciting adventure.

For ages approx. 5-7 years.