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Long Reining: The Classical Training Method by Wilfried Gehrmann

Long Reining: The Classical Training Method by Wilfried Gehrmann

Model Number: 9781646011742

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The art of long-reining (long-lining)—directing the horse from the ground with two extended reins to reach the trainer's hands—is incredibly beneficial for both horse and rider. It provides a means of conditioning a young horse before he is strong enough to support a rider. It is a way to rehabilitate a horse who may be coming back into work after extended time off. It can be a safe alternative for schooling an animal with behavioural challenges that make riding dangerous. And of course, it is wonderful preparation for both riding and driving, as it teaches the horse to respond to the rein and voice aids, and it provides the handler with an understanding of the horse's body language, comprehension of the lesson, and reactions to training challenges. If long-reining is an essential building block in a horse's training, this book is the essential building block in every horse person's education. In these pages, the world's “long-reining maestro,” Wilfried Gehrmann, provides the basics to preparing the horse and handling the reins and whip, as well as positioning of the handler's body—both when moving with the horse and when asking the horse to move around you in longe circles and other figures. Gehrmann also introduces the progressive training that can be accomplished on the long reins according to the classical Training Scale, providing readers a foundation that allows for more creative uses of the technique as conditioning and abilities in both horse and rider increase. For those with interests in dressage and performance, he provides instructions for correctly developing both piaffe and passage on the ground before attempting them under saddle. A book that is a timeless, solid reference that intends to help more people work with their horses in diverse and beneficial ways, and with pages full of useful tips gathered over a lifetime of studious practice by one of the technique's very best, Long-Reining: The Classical Training Method is a brilliant and valuable groundwork education for every trainer and rider, whatever their discipline.