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Hunting with Hounds by Homer Sykes

Hunting with Hounds by Homer Sykes

Model Number: 9780954223328

£20.00 GBP

Hunting is a way of life, an essential component in keeping alive the historic and traditional values of the countryside.  England is at a time and place where hunting with hounds arouses passions almost unheard of in recent history. Where the future of one of man’s most basic instincts has been put under threat by legislators. 

Hunting with Hounds is a vision of 21st Century hunting in all its rich diversity. It is the document of one man who has spent the past year photographing hunting with hounds with sensitivity and humour – and occasional warm-hearted mischief.  Homer Sykes has turned his camera on representative hunts – fox, deer, hare, mink, rabbit and rat – all quarry that are hunted with hounds.

His unusual eye has caught the thrill of the chase, the grandeur of the society hunt, the pride of the rat catcher, the sartorial sense of the cognoscenti, and the everyday essence of hunting as a way of rural life.

In Hunting with Hounds, Homer Sykes has captures all those vivid and passionate colours of hunting, of an intrinsically English way of life, in a feast of black and white.