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How to Save Money on Your Horse's Vet Bills by 'Vet On Call' Russell Lyon BVM&S, MRCVS

How to Save Money on Your Horse's Vet Bills by 'Vet On Call' Russell Lyon BVM&S, MRCVS

Model Number: 9781872119373

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Keeping a horse is a costly business and expensive veterinary bills can hit any horse owner at any time - even the most experienced and caring owners can be caught unawares. In reality the vast majority of veterinary call-outs are for problems that are preventable. By knowing where your horse is most at risk you can protect yourself and your horse from many of the ups and downs that can incur unnecessry veterinary expense. This book aims to identify the key trouble spots and tells you how to avoid them. Armed with the commonsense advice in this book, you could save yourself and your horse from much heartache and suffering. Did you know: up to 95% of all horses have some sort of foot imbalance and that every year there are up to 8000 new acute cases of laminitis, and as many as 12,000 suffering the long-term chronic effects of the disease. Do you know how to prevent it? Cost cutting on lameness can cost you money in the end. Many hundreds of horses die every year from the effects of internal parasites - these deaths could largely be avoided. You should also look after your horse's teeth as if they were your own! However, the biggest commitment you can give your horse is time, which costs you nothing