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Handling and Understanding the Horse by Marcy and Tony Pavord

Handling and Understanding the Horse by Marcy and Tony Pavord

Model Number: 9781840371703

£9.99 GBP

Handling and Understanding the Horse sets out to cover all the things you need to know about horse care. This vital guide will help you avoid needless cost, anxiety and heartache by teaching you how to form a relationship with your horse based on trust and harmony.

This book is intended for the owner who will not settle for the advice, ‘consult an expert’. There is no reason why a concerned, intelligent person cannot achieve the level of knowledge and understanding necessary to develop a thoroughly rewarding partnership with their horse. This excellent book successfully explains why horses behave in the way that they do and demonstrates how scientific theory and psychological understanding can be put to practical effect. It does not adhere to any specific ‘school’ or ‘methods’ of training, but is the result of the combined experience of two dedicated and knowledgeable horse lovers.

All aspects of understanding horses are explored by the authors, including the relationship between horses and humans, and how horses learn and communicate. The day-to-day handling of horses is also covered in great depth, from basic handling on the ground, to grooming, tack, transport and shows and competitions. Individual chapters focus on the behavioural characteristics of the mare and foal, the stallion and the young horse. Advice is also offered for the owner of the ‘problem horse’ with practical solutions offered for traits such as biting, kicking, rearing and pulling. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, you and your horse can be assured of a successful and enjoyable relationship.