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Guilty, Not Guilty by Felix Francis

Guilty, Not Guilty by Felix Francis

Model Number: 9781471173165

£20.00 GBP

It is said that everyone over a certain age can rember what they were doing when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated, or that Princess Diana had been killed in a Paris car crash, but I, for one, could recal all too clearly where I was standing when a policeman told me that my wife had been murdered.

Bill Russell is acting as a volunteer steward at Warwick races when he confronts his worst nightmare - the violent death of his much-loved wife.  But worse is to come when he is accused of killing her and hounded mercilessly by the media.  His life begins to unravel completely as he loses his job and his home.  Even his best friends turn against him, believing him guilty of the heinous crime in spite of the lack of compelling evidence.

Bill sets out to clear his name but finds that proving one's inocence is not easy - one has to find the true culprit, adn Bill believes he knows who it is.  But can he prove it before he becomes antoher victim of the murderer?