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Guide to Hunting Dogs by Claude Rossignol & Alexandra Caccivio

Guide to Hunting Dogs by Claude Rossignol & Alexandra Caccivio

Model Number: 9783829017305

£5.99 GBP
How to choose the right hunting dog? What does the owner have to bear in mind when keeping a hunting dog? How to train the dog for hunting? This book provides the answers to all these and other important questions often asked by hunters and dog owners. The first part of the book deals with choosing the right dog from the breeder, the appropriate keeping of the dog and its basic hunting training, also mentioning aspects such as registration, legal regulations, overcoming gun-shyness, hunting instincts and scent discrimination. The second part introduces more than 40 different breeds of hunting dogs, which are successfully used for hunting in the US, the UK, and in other European countries. Here, the sections "Hunting skills", "General appearance", "Feeding" and "Tips" regarding training and keeping the dog in town or as a family dog provide valuable details on all these breeds. Each breed is accompanied by colour photos.