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Genetic Heritage by Ken McLean

Genetic Heritage by Ken McLean

Model Number: 9780961943219

£15.00 GBP

Some wear to the cover.

Genetic Heritage is a racehorse breeders’ book which helps explain how dominant and recessive genes affect thoroughbred matings.

The author traces the foundation breeding stock which formed the first General Stud Book up until the present time and lists those sires and dams which had the most impact on shaping the breed known as the racehorse described as Genetic Giants.  These are listed in Chapter Two and the author recommends they be duplicated when designing racehorse matings.

Chapter Four discusses sex-linked inheritance, focusing upon large heart size and how it is inherited in a zig-zag manner. Chapter Six pioneers a new theme about the importance of the Mitochondria of cells and its affect on energy.  Successful female lines could have superior Mitochondrial DNA, thus enabling them to establish stakes wining families.  Chapter Eight discusses purchasing mares at auction.

Chapter Nine gives examples of successful matings resulting from inbreeding to superior ancestors and Chapter Eleven supplies a comparison of times for the classic races so the reader may determine how much improvement has been made in the past fifty years.

The author has written two successful thoroughbred books (both reprinted) namely Tesio – Master of Matings, and Quest For A Classic Winner.  He is an Australian by birth now working in Kentucky, and designed matings for clients who bred 9 champions and 140 stakes winners during the past eight years.