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FN Training Series DVD Part 6 Training of the Rider: Show Jumping for Advanced Riders

FN Training Series DVD Part 6 Training of the Rider: Show Jumping for Advanced Riders

Model Number: 9783885428367

£15.99 GBP
DVD in both German and English

FN Training Series, Part 6
Training of the rider
Show Jumping for Advanced Riders

Prerequisites, Dressage basics
Show jumping gymnastics
Show jumping technique and distances
Single obstacles, combinations and courses for advanced riders

"A training video following the official system of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN)

Successful show jumping requires a correct and allround training of horses and riders. The 6th volume of the successful FN-training series offers comprehensive and effective training knowledge for all show jumping riders and their horses, aiming at being well-prepared for competitions. Slow motions, new kinds of computer animation and detailed facts about distances will help with the daily training lessons.

Proceeding from the basic necessities of horses and riders, the film features important dressage exercises that foster and improve the rideability and the suppleness of show jumping horses. Different gynastic exercises prepare the horse for the show jumping training and help to correct possible problems.

Every signle movement of horse and rider has a considerable inflluecne on the show jumping performances. The jump is prepared by correct approaching and the suitable take-off distance and completed by the correct jump. The film shows how to manage different single obstacles, double and triple combinations and lines successfully."