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Dressage An Introduction by Anthony Crossley

Dressage An Introduction by Anthony Crossley

Model Number: 720714982

£4.00 GBP
Secondhand. Pelham Horsemaster Series. Dressage riding is concerned with one of the most refined aspects of the relationship between men and horses, and to many it remains a very mysterious affair, difficult to appreciate and to identify with.

Dressage - An Introduction will help strip away the mysteries and guide the reader into the daylight of understanding. The book provides a comprehensive background to the history, purpose and philosophy of dressage so that the reader, whether rider or spectator, can establish and develop his or her own appreciation of the subject.

The book will be of special value to riders who have just begun to study at first hand the practical aspects of this fascinating pastime, and to those who wish to refer back to the basics of horsemanship.