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Stable Condition: Skint Dressage Daddy by Daniel Skinner

Stable Condition: Skint Dressage Daddy by Daniel Skinner

Model Number: 9781916431720

£6.99 GBP

Skint Dressage Daddy’s Second book.

Has somebody snuck a horse into your life without you noticing?

When the people you love most find a passion in life, it's a beautiful thing. Unless that passion weighs a quarter of a ton and needs its own house.

From the author of the hilarious best-sell 'From Nags to Numbnuts', this book contains invaluable advice for how to cope when the very worst happens, and life hands you horses.

You didn't necessarily ask for them, you probably don't want them, but they appear to be here to stay so you may as well get used to it.

WARNING! Contains swearing, whingeing and horses