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Enter at A, Laughing by Brian McKeown (Mr. Dressage Husband)

Enter at A, Laughing by Brian McKeown (Mr. Dressage Husband)

Model Number: 9780939481644

£10.00 GBP
We all know the dressage community could use a good dose of humour every now and then, lest it become just too plain serious! Now, here's a delightful book that meets that need, a humorous look at the sport, written by Brian McKeown, a.k.a "Mr Dressage Husband".
Chapters include:
Confessions of a dressage husband
Dressage history - Lady Godiva reveals all
A word about the judge
Ask Mr Dressage husband
Common dressage ailments
Are horses smarter than men
Creative manure management
Advanced clicker clinic for husbands
Home is where the horse is
Passing the time at a dressage competition Peculiarities of the sport
The ten commandments of dressage.