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George H. Morris Teaches Beginners to Ride by George H. Morris

George H. Morris Teaches Beginners to Ride by George H. Morris

Model Number: 9781599210032

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Whenever I am asked where I acquired this dedication to basics, I point with pride to my teacher and mentor, Gordon Wright. People who rode with Gordon learned to ride the old-fashioned way: they worked for it.  Gordon would no more allow a student who lacked the basics to go into the show ring than he would let a horse that wasn’t fit and perfectly turned out go into the ring. It was from this great man that I learned the principles of what became my system of step-by-step building blocks and exercises for body position and control that can also correct any deviations from correct basics.

Each new step is based on the previous level of skill. Those who know me will not be surprised to learn that my students do not move on in the system until they master each step, no matter how long it takes.  No short-cuts, please.

My reason for writing this book was to share this system with riders who are just starting out, as well as with parents who are interested in what their youngster are learning.  I also wrote it of trainers, because without their attention to fundamentals and details, entire generations of riders will be deprives of the opportunity to excel.