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Astrology and Your Horse

Astrology and Your Horse

Model Number: 1900667371

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Astrology is not and never was hocus pocus, but is one of the earliest sciences which has spanned the centuries, becoming more and more precise and sophisticated. However, like the feeding of horses, astrology is not only a science – but also an art and the creation and analysis of charts require sensitivity.

In Astrology and Your Horse, the authors explain how astrology is in no way restricted to the analysis of the human psyche; it can be applied to your horse in exactly the same way. Any horse owner can profit from a study of sun and moon signs. From an astrological chart, or even from merely k owing the month in which a horse was born, the character, potential, strengths and weaknesses of an equine friend may be pin-pointed.

As creatures of flight, horses are sensitive at the best of times. Understanding how to study a horse’s sun and moon signs, will help owners interpret his or her individual behaviour, deepest needs and health.

Although it is a serious subject and valuable, Astrology is also enormous fun, especially when you can link it to your horse and when you can both benefit from the understanding of it.