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Another indicator that the slowing of sales at the same store is impacting a business's overall performance is the recent launch of its North American division. This North American division of the company has seen an increase of just 32 stores over the past year, far below expectations. While the launch of this division was meant to draw customers away from the problematic retail markets within both the United States and Canada, some analysts believe the decision was primarily made in Asia to lessen the effect of a global pandemic. The pandemic, however, might have diminished the impact of same-store sales throughout the world.

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Although it is still too early to pinpoint the cause of the launch of the North American division on the recent outbreak of the virus, it's evident that the decrease in same-store sales has some connection. Many analysts believe that the slowdown in sales from same-store stores was the main reason Wal-Mart announced its first profits warning for the year. The announcement of profit was followed by more than six weeks of record-setting earnings from the Americas when consumers came in droves to purchase the items they were forced to be deprived of due to the pandemic.

In the case of Wal-Mart, the issue was not so much the decline in sales at the same store, but it was the inability to implement the strategies designed to make the store profitable in previous periods. One example is that one of the best places for a discount store is the food deserts of America. However, Wal-Mart failed to establish one of its iconic supercenters in the fast-growing food desert. Instead, it opened the trendy Dollar General store in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

One of the main reasons Dollar General fell into the trap that its competitors had set for it could not carry out the retail initiatives required to move into the lucrative and new markets that were emerging over the past two years. Remarkably, the discount chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart were becoming too dependent on their brick and mortar stores for the same kind of customer support that they had previously relied on. This led to the same result. Dollar General and many of its rivals saw their sales drop as customers walked away from discount chains in masses. Although the slowdown in recent months could slow the prospects to the 4th quarter of the year, the fact is the same: there's no better option than boosting numbers of customers and driving sales to meet the demands of a growing customer base.

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