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Top-quality Sculpture and Fabrication Studio in Western Australia

We are a sculpture and fabrication studio, founded and located in Bunbury, Western Australia. They produce one of a kind and unique contemporary art pieces and architectural features. Custom outdoor furniture Perth is one of our best works.

The founder of this studio was born and raised in Bunbury, WA. He'd always loved being outdoors and surrounded by nature. And after he completed high school, he undertook carpentry qualifications, which he completed in 2008. Here, he developed an interest in making art and fashioning sculptures out of stainless steel.

Our talented founder and artist grew up in Melbourne. From a young age, she always had a love of art. In 2013, she took up a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Majoring in sculpture compelled her to view art in a broader way. This also led her to meet our founder, and they shared ideas and collaborated on artworks.

The combination of their unique skills formed their famed studio. Today, they work with clients to design pieces, specific to their unique location and desires.

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