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Standard Outline for Thesis Research Writing - 2021


When conducting research, it is common for students or researchers to write a thesis explaining it. But that is easier said than done, especially when you think of the tons of different steps involved.

Literature Review

It is the most crucial part as it helps you a lot in your actual research. Like any good essay writer, you first research the existing sources relating to the chosen topic. And most of the time, you end up finding some great new ideas and tips that really help set the direction for your research.

As such, by the time you end up finishing your research, you probably won’t remember everything that you have done. It is why Thesis Writing proves to be a real challenge for many people. Nevertheless, there is a solution for it; all you have to do is follow a standard outline. And to help you do that, such an outline is discussed below.

Some Background Information


In essence, a thesis is a study that can range from 100 to 300 pages, with paper writing service covering possible solutions to a chosen problem or bringing innovations to an area of study.

The thesis represents a detailed recollection of all processes, procedures, results, and conclusions pertaining to performed research. All of which should be organized and compiled in a way that allows future researchers to replicate or improve on the work. It is exactly why your thesis outline needs to be impeccable.


An outline is a rough sketch or blueprint of what your final work will look like. It not only helps you organize your ideas but also helps you keep your work focused. So, it's best not to leave it at the mercy of a cheap essay writer. It is because a poorly written outline can render your essay writing experience a complete nightmare.

Standard Outline to Follow

Discussed below are the different sections that your outline needs to have. So, go through them and make sure that they are included in the same order as follows.


In this section, specify what your thesis is going to discuss. Here you need to give some background info and a broad overview of what problem you are going to solve. Or you could provide details about what particular area you are going to research.

Thesis Problem

In this section, you need to dive a little deeper into the details of write my paper and narrow down what exactly your thesis will achieve. If you are going to solve a problem, what is it specifically? If you are adding to previous research, then why are you doing that? What changes will your research bring?


When you know what your thesis is aimed at doing, you can finally start figuring out how you are going to achieve that aim. This section requires that you mention the methods, techniques, resources, and tools you will use during your research.

It helps you and your readers know exactly how things will be done and what kind of results can be expected.


In this section, you simply need to show the results of all your hard work. All the data you have collected and the outcomes you have achieved need to be shown here.


It is where you look at the results and tell the readers what they mean or represent.


Finally, in the conclusion part, you wrap up the entire thing and tell the essay writing service what you have achieved. While also mentioning any limitations and ideas for future research. And that’s all there is to it, really. If you follow the outline mentioned above, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Nevertheless, if you are a bit uncertain at any time, just surf the web for guidance.



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