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Top Family Dogs that can be Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)


What are Emotional Support Animals?

ESAs are pet animals that are kept by people who are suffering from emotional and mental distress and disturbances. These pet animals help people by ameliorating their condition through their attention and unending affection. At times, as proven by research, just being around pet animals can in itself have a therapeutic effect and can calm a person down. 

The emotional support animal is a pet that is authorized by a licensed mental specialist through an emotional support animal letter. This letter mentions that the person is suffering from a mental or emotional condition and needs to be around their pet animal at all times. The letter contains the letterhead, stamp, and the signature of the specialist. ESA letter can guide you about how to get rid of dog hiccups.



Dogs as ESAs

Dogs are one of the most common emotional support animals. This is due to their intelligence, loyalty, and their show of affection. You can expect an ESA dog to be highly trainable, who obeys your commands and gives you the proper attention without being a nuisance.

Emotional and mental health problems can affect people from all walks of life and people with different living styles. And since there are various breeds of dogs that fit various lifestyles, from outdoor dogs to family dogs, many people have dogs as their emotional support animal.Always put a dog vest on your pet.

Many people suffering from difficulties live with their families and have children at home. To get an emotional support animal pet and bring it into the household is always a hard decision for them. However, the decision is made easy as there are many dogs that are well-suited to family life and are well behaved and careful around the younger members of the household.

Top family dogs that can be your ESAs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are adorable and lively pets that love to loll about indoors as much as they love to head out and engage you in various activities like terrier dogs. Their portable small size, their upbeat energy, and their extra care around children and young members of the household make them great family animals. 

A Cavalier as an ESA dog will give you much affection and love while also helping you immerse yourself in outdoor activities. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is the gentle giant that despite its size can be a great indoor and outdoor companion. The Bernese is none to exude warmth and affection towards its owner and the household members and hence can be a great emotional support animal. They have a calm temperament and are especially great and gentle around children.

Boston Terrier

These tuxedo-wearing small dogs are brilliant indoor dogs that love to hang around in the house and appreciate when you take it out on walks. The Boston Terrier can be great emotional support animals especially if you are living in an apartment and have children in the house like caucasian shepherd dog

Labrador Retriever

The Lab is truly an all-round animal. These dogs can be as great an indoor companion as they are outdoors. Formerly used as hunting companions these dogs can accompany you on hikes if you are an outdoor person or an adventure junkie. And if you are more of an indoor person who has a family of both young and old then the Lab can be a great choice, as they love to be around people and play around them, especially children.

Labradors are kept by many as emotional support animals, as they find the dog easy to train and find its friendliness and unabated affection therapeutic. Put a martingale collar to your pup for safety reason.


Beagles are hounds that have an adorable face and which matches their friendliness. This dog breed feeds on companionship and doesn’t like to be left alone. This makes it a great pet to have as an emotional support animal. Beagles can be great indoors and can entertain the whole household while being gentle and caring around young children.


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