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As we've all experienced the bioenergy code reviews that heel-digging, gut-wrenching, childlike "I don't wanna!" attitude, - especially if we know we'll owe money - I figured I'd discuss attitude, specifically positive attitude, just in time for tax season.

Military men and Alcoholics Anonymous members advise "Check yourself before you wreak yourself." In terms of Law of Attraction, negative thoughts will wreak you because you have nothing but the present and you have no control over anything but which thoughts you feed. Even if you don't subscribe to the idea that "what you think about comes about", science has shown over and over again that negative thoughts weaken you where a positive mindset strengthens you. Even so, few offer solutions. So, we offer to you 4 Techniques for Positive Thinking.

There are many reasons why maintaining a positive mindset is so vital to your motivation, performance, and level of satisfaction with your work. A positive mindset is a valuable tool for stress management. Here are 5 ways you can reconnect with the positive aspects of your working life, and create positive head space and mindset so you can overcome stress and move forward in a positive light.

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