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Ultrasound scans are used extensively to gain feedback about various body functions. Sound pelvic floor strong reviews waves are sent via a probe to various parts of the body. This probe can be external or internal. Echoes are sent back to a computer. They show how that part of the body is functioning.

Ultrasound scans are used extensively during pregnancy. They can check when the baby is due, if it has any abnormalities or Down's syndrome and the position of the placenta. Scans can detect ectopic pregnancies. This is when the embryo attaches outside the womb to a fallopian tube, ovary or cervix. They can also detect breech births where the baby is upside down. In this case the mother would need caesarean section. Expectant mothers may choose a private ultrasound scan to get a second opinion. Or they may want a private ultrasound scan that includes a package of photos, DVDs CD-ROM or USB drive.

While ultrasounds are best known for monitoring pregnancy, they can scan virtually any part of the body. They cannot scan through bone so they can't be used as a brain scan. We will start from the head down and discuss each part of the body. While scans cannot examine the brain, they can determine the blood flow to the brain. This is a critical factor in strokes.

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