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Bruder 62503 Bworld Show Jumping Accessories

Bruder 62503 Bworld Show Jumping Accessories

Model Number: Bruder62503

£11.50 GBP
Set includes:
Saddle caddy with wheels and handle
Saddle and bridle
Riding hat Hoof pick, currycomb, and brush
4 Horse boots
Lunging whip and riding crop

This accessory contains the complete riding equipment for rider and horse. As well as equipment like a saddle with saddle blanket, tendon boots, bridle, a crop and lunging whip, the set also contains various cleaning utensils. A saddle caddy is included that has enough storage space for all accessory parts. Your horse’s name can also be stuck to the nameplate on the saddle caddy using a sticker so there are no mix ups in the large horse stable.