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  Mountain Flowers of Britain and Europe   Product Information
Providing a field-guide to the flowers which grow on the mountain slopes of Europe, this book also aims to aid an appreciation of their beauty and an understanding of the need for their conservation. Identification can be achieved by matching the colour of a flower to the corresponding colour section of the book. Once the specimen has been located, the pictograms which accompany the plates enable readers to discover at a glance other interesting facts about the flower. Alphabetical indexes of the Latin and vernacular names are included. More Info
Item code 9780715302026
ISBN 9780715302026
Author S.Stefenelli
Publisher David & Charles
Price £4.00

A rare breed is defined as a breed of livestock that is not common in modern agriculture, though it may have been in the past .Various national and international organizations, such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy , and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust of the United Kingdom , each define the exact parameters by which a breed may be defined as rare , and many breeds that qualify only have a few thousand or even a few hundred breeding individuals remaining in the world . These organizations promote conservation of heritage livestock for their unique traits, which may contribute to genetic diversity among animals important to human food supplies and economics ,as well as to general biodiversity and improvements in animal husbandry . 

More Info
Item code 9780785826460
ISBN 9780785826460
Price £9.99
  Running a stables as a buisness   Product Information
running a stables as a buisness More Info
ISBN 9780851317373
Author janet w macdonald
Publisher J A Allen
Price £4.99
  Saving Zasha   Product Information

Saving zasha

More Info
ISBN 1407124780
Author R Barrow
Price £3.00
  The call of the wild   Product Information

The call of the wild

More Info
ISBN 1908533708
Author J London
Price £3.99
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