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NEW BREYER 2020 MODELS AVAILBLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Ideal Quarter Horse, Stable Island Horse, The Gangsters, Fairfax 2020 Horse fo the Year, Avatars Jazzman and many more!

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Signed Books Available now:

    amanda Owen - 'The Yorkshire Shepherdess'

       Amanda Owen - A Year In The Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess 

  • Amanda  Owen - Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess
  • NEW  Amanda Owen's- Tales from the farm [pre order for a signed Hardback copy published March 2021  

  • Clare Balding - 'Walking Home,'  
  • Carl Hester - 'Making it Happen', 
  • Mary King - 'My Way'
  • Felix Francis - Damage
  • Andrew Nicholson - Focused
  • Jenny Lees - Seven Bands of Gold -First Love
  • Jenny Lees -Sensual Love
  • All Stacy Greggs Books

  • Pippa Funnels Books
  • Olivia Tuffin Palomino Pony Series buy 3 or more books receive a free drawstring grooming bag.

  • Dawn Wescott

  • PLUS MANY MORE SIGNED TITLES IN STOCK - Please email for a full list
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  The Cat's Whiskers   Product Information
The Cat’s Whiskers brings together an inspirational selection of humorous phrases and sayings about cats and their lives and times, combined with evocative and gently amusing animal photographs that bring out the full comedy and pathos of the feline condition. We can sometimes take our cats for granted, but after reading through the advice by cats given here and what other people think of cats and their manners, we will never do so again. These inspiring examples of wit and wisdom, written by real people and their cats and based on their true-life experiences, sum up the essence of the feline world and its quirks and foibles. More Info
Item code 9781843974925
ISBN 9781843974925
Publisher Bizzybee Publishing
Price £5.99
  The Invisible Link to Your Dog   Product Information
Whisper, don't shout—good advice is quiet The times when dogs were trained to be only obedient or to carry out certain tasks are long gone, with most dog owners today wanting a relationship based on mutual understanding and a much closer bond to their four-legged friend. This book presents a unique method that will help readers develop non-verbal, almost intuitive communication with their dogs. Most commands are made using the voice, but this book explains how to train a dog to understand its human companion's wishes by interpreting nonverbal signals. There are many practical examples of ways to develop a link between pet and owner that is based on harmony and mutual understanding. More Info
Item code 9780857882011
ISBN 9780857882011
Author Angie Mienk
Publisher CADMOS
Price £12.99
  The Mutt Book - Decode Your Dog's Heritage   Product Information
Earth is a great global community, a melting pot in which various populations around the world share and blend their cultures. This is also true of the unsung dog hero - the mutt, the most popular 'breed' on the planet. 'The Mutt Book: Decoding Your Mutt's Heritage' is a groundbreaking work that will help the reader determine his or her pet's breeds of origin. With a simple organizational method, 'The Mutt Book' looks at the basic characteristics of each of a dog's features - its ears, coat, muzzle, paws, and tail - and basic habits to help figure out the genealogy of a particular animal. Internationally renowned dog lover and expert David Alderton offers insight into the infinite variety of dog mixes and how that blending will influence such important factors as how much exercise, attention, nourishment, and grooming any particular animal needs as well as offering clues to any possible veterinary ailments. Plus, the interesting combinations are fun, helping the mutt owner embrace his or her own animal's individuality. Perfect for first-time mutt admirers or those with many years of mutt care under their belts, 'The Mutt Book' is a must-have guide. More Info
Item code 9781843403937
ISBN 9781843403937
Author David Alderton
Publisher Collins & Brown
Price £4.50
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