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  Deciphering dressage   Product Information
deciphering dressage More Info
ISBN 9780764578205
Author Karen Leigh Davis
Publisher Wiley publishing
Price £15.00
  Down to Earth Dressage   Product Information
How To Train Your Horse And Enjoy It! For riders at all levels, Carl Hester and Bernadette Faurie aim to make dressage training accessible with step-by-step guides for improving the horse's paces, riding dressage movements, and competing. Essentially this book is about every rider making the most of his or her potential and, in the process, producing a horse that is more pleasing to ride and more athletic in its body. The book offers advice on training all types of horse and in everyday language, explains how to set about improving the horse's paces and suppleness, whilst keeping him happy and enthusiastic in his work. It describes how to ride dressage movements, from simple circles to flying changes, and pointing out common mistakes and how to correct them. Carl Hester is seen, in over more than 100 specially shot photographs, schooling his horses at home, bringing on youngsters and fine-tuning the more experienced animals. More Info
Item code 9781872119205
ISBN 9781872119205
Author Carl Hester and Bernadette Faurie
Publisher Kenilworth Press
Price £12.95
  Dressage - The art of classical riding   Product Information


The art of classical riding

By Sylivia Loch

More Info
Item code 2255
ISBN 9780948253461
Author Sylvia Loch
Publisher SP
Price £29.95
  dressage an introduction   Product Information
Dressage an introduction More Info
SKU/EAN 9780720714982
Author Anthony Crossley
Publisher Pelham books
Price £6.00
  Dressage by the letter   Product Information
Dressage by the letter More Info
ISBN 9780876057261
Author Moira C Harris
Publisher Howel book house
Price £10.00
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