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Dressage in Lightness - Speaking the horses language
Dressage in Lightness - Speaking the horses language
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Item code 2250
ISBN 9780851317816
Author Sylvia Loch
Publisher J. A. Allen
Price £19.99

It is too easy to make assumptions about what each horse is or is not capable of giving the rider.  However, by studying the habits and movements of the horse in nature, the author delights in giving the 'reason' why certain riding practices work and others are doomed to disappoint.

Sylvia Loch insists that an elegant and supportive rider posture is the most practical option for both horse and human to remain safe and in balance, but we have to know and feel just how, why and when to give the aids if the horse it to understand us.

What is different about this how-to-do-it schooling book?

  • Pictures of the young foal are shown so that the rider is reminded of the true nature of each dressage movement in its natural unfettered state
  • The rider is then asked to imagine what the horse himself feels, as we sit on his back and request the various figures and exercises
  • Each rider is show how to refine technique through a knowledge of the weight aids as we adapt to the horse's movement.  This brings a heightened sense of feel and oneness to the entire partnership.

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