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  A Classic Connection   Product Information

A Classic Connection

The Friendship of the Earl of Derby and the Hon. George Lambton 1893 - 1945

By Michael Seth-Smith

More Info
Item code 2216
Author Michael Seth-Smith
Publisher Secker & Warburg
Price £2.00
  A History of the British Cavalry 1816 - 1919   Product Information

A History of the British Cavalry 1816 - 1919

The Marquess of Anglesey F.S.A.

Volume 8: The Western Front, 1915 - 1918

Epilogue, 1919 - 1939

More Info
Item code 2237
ISBN 9780850524673
Author The Marquess of Anglesey F.S.A.
Publisher Leo Cooper
Price £30.00
  Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse   Product Information
'When you touch a Lipizzaner,' Frank Westerman was told as a child, 'you are touching history.' In "Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse" he explores the history of these unique creatures, an extraordinary troop of pedigree horses first bred as personal mounts for the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. Following the bloodlines of the studbook, he reconstructs the story of four generations of imperial steeds as they survive the fall of the Habsburg Empire, two world wars and the insane breeding experiments conducted under Hitler, Stalin and Ceausescu. But what begins as a fairytale becomes a chronicle of the quest for racial purity. Carrying the reader across Europe, from imperial stables and stud farms to the controversial gene labs of today, Westerman asks, if animal breeders are so good at genetic engineering, why do attempts to perfect the human strain always end in tragedy? Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse, a unique and engrossing fusion of history and travel writing, is a modern fable in which the pure-blood horse ends up revealing man's own shortcomings. More Info
Item code 9781846550881
SKU/EAN 9781846550881
Price £16.99
  Remarks on Cavalry   Product Information

Remarks on Cavalry

By Emanuel von Warnery

More Info
Item code 2239
ISBN 9780094773202
Author Emanuel von Warnery
Price £6.00
  Royal Heritage   Product Information

Royal Heritage

The Story of Jordan's Arab Horses

HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein and Peter Upton

More Info
Item code 2206
ISBN 9780956417046
Publisher Medina Publishing
Price £35.00
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