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  Choosing and Buying your Horse   Product Information

The library of Stable Management Book 1

Choosing and Buying your Horse by Mark Hallion and Julie Langrish

More Info
Item code 2068
ISBN 9781852790738
Author Mark Hallion and Julie Langrish
Publisher T. F. H. Kingdom
Price £6.95
  Choosing and keeping ducks and geese by liz wright   Product Information

Ducks and geese make wonderful pets. Not only will they control the insects in your garden and act as handy lawn mowers and watchdogs , they will also provide you with a constant supply of fresh, delicious eggs.With detailed information on over 40 of the most popular duck and goose breeds, this book shows you how to select the right breed ,what you need to get started and how to care for your birds so that you get the best out of them from the very start.

More Info
Item code 9780753721087
ISBN 9780753721087
Publisher bounty books
Price £9.99
  CHOOSING AND KEEPING PIGS by linda mcdonald-brown   Product Information

Whether you,re planning to keep a pet pig in your back garden or raise a couple of weaners on your small holding ; this practical book is your ideal companion.

More Info
Item code 9780753721094
ISBN 9780753721094
Price £9.99
  Dolphin song   Product Information

Dolphin song

More Info
ISBN 1842556115
Author L ST JOHN
Price £6.99

Hatching and rearing your birds is a well illustrated and detailed  book and takes you step by step from egg to bird the book also gives expert advice on incubating and rearing your birds to achieve a healthy brood 

More Info
Item code 9781907426070
ISBN 9781907426070
Author Terry Beebe
Price £9.99
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