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  Hickmans Farriery   Product Information
Hickmans farriery More Info
ISBN 9780851314518
Author John hickman/Martin humphrey
Publisher J A allen
Price £30.00
  Hoof Problems   Product Information

Hoof Problems 

By Rob Van Nassau

More Info
Item code 2158
ISBN 9781905693009
Author Rob Van Nassau
Publisher Kenilworth Press
Price £30.00
  The Blacksmith's Craft, A Primer of Tools & Methods   Product Information
Blacksmithing is one of the traditional "lost arts" deserving re-discovery by anyone interested in do-it-yourself building and crafting. Creating one's own apparatus from metal enhances wood-working, stonework, building, and restoration work. Traditional More Info
Item code 9781580175937
ISBN 9781580175937
Author Charles McRaven
Publisher Storey Publishing
Price £14.99
  The Complete Blacksmith - Traditional Techniques for the Modern Smith   Product Information
Although physically demanding, the art of blacksmithing is in the art of control rather than brute strength, but Lorelei Simms does seem to have a lovely set of muscles! Simms starts with the basics - the fire and the tools - and goes on to show how basic designs and objects can be created. This is a useful guide for beginners, it's also recording a traditional craft - a fascinating guide to how iron is forged. More Info
Item code 9781845431334
ISBN 9781845431334
Author Lorelei Sims
Publisher Apple
Price £14.99