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  A Good Horse is Never a Bad Colour   Product Information
Mark Rashid shares with readers his gift for using communication, not force, in working with horses. He uses his own experiences, told in an entertainingly honest way, to demonstrate his techniques of teaching horses by understanding their own view of the world. The experiences covered deal with many the facets of buying, owning and training horses, and include stories about horses of all colours, mistrusted, mistreated and labelled untrainable, that will inspire you to take a fresh look at the training of your own horse. Mark Rashid is the author of a number of books and gives horse training clinics throughout the world, he lives in Colorado, USA. More Info
Item code 9780715318393
ISBN 9780715318393
Author Mark Rashid
Publisher David & Charles
Price £12.99
  Breed Show Hunters Under Saddle From Start to Finish   Product Information
One of the fastest-growing divisions of the breed horse show world is the Hunter Under Saddle, in which horses exhibit the athletic and comfortable gaits that characterize the ideal foxhunting mount. Written by a well-known trainer and American Quarter Horse Association judge, SHOW HUNTERS UNDER SADDLE is a comprehensive guide to training and showing horses in this discipline. It takes the reader from assessing the potential of a young horse's conformation and movement, to training and exhibiting the animal in terms of what constitutes a ribbon-winning performance. The book also addresses the differences between these show hunters and those of the "English" hunter world, as well as such training considerations as reschooling an older horse and techniques to deal with the strong Thoroughbred influence in many of today's breed show horses. Throughout the book, the author stresses the importance of giving horses a solid foundation that will benefit them not only in the Hunter Under Saddle division but elsewhere in the show arena, and as otherwise responsive and educated mounts. Whether you ride a horse that shows exclusively in the Hunter Under Saddle division or one that also takes part in Western classes, this book will teach you everything you need to know to get to the winner's circle. More Info
Item code 9781585748334
ISBN 9781585748334
Author Melissan Sexton
Publisher The Lyons Press
Price £13.00
  Breeding Horses   Product Information
Written for students and all with a general interest in breeding horses, this book sets out to provide a basic understanding with sufficient practical information for beginners to get started. Enough reproductive physiology of the mare and stallion is included to clarify the management techniques which are explained later in the book, but unnecessary details are avoided. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are also explained, as are selecting the broodmare and stallion, management at covering and during pregnancy, and post-partum care of the mare and foal. More Info
Item code 9781405129664
ISBN 9781405129664
Author Mina Davies Morel
Publisher Blackwell Publishing
Price £22.00
  Breeding the Racehorse   Product Information

Breeding the Racehorse

By Federico Tesio

More Info
Item code 2207
ISBN 9780851316185
Author Federico Tesio
Publisher J. A. Allen
Price £11.50
  Gone To Stud   Product Information
A look behind the scenes at a top thoroughbred stud farm, providing an insight into the thoroughbred mating game. The book contains anecdotes from the author's years of experience in stud farming, alongside breeding information, from selecting the stallion to the final result on the racetrack. More Info
Item code 9780851316581
ISBN 9780851316581
Author Jane Glenn
Publisher J.A Allen
Price £5.00
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