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  Bloodhound   Product Information
One in a series of authoritative dog breed books, this title will provide you with all the guidance and advice you will need for providing a healthy and happy lifestyle for this treasured breed, including points on behaviour, training, feeding and health care. HARDCOVER More Info
Item code 9781842860144
ISBN 9781842860144
Author Nona Kilgore Bauer
Publisher Interpret Publishing
Price £9.99
  Ferrets   Product Information
Each book in this series contains original, lively text, complete with informative tips and colourful photos illustrating all aspects of pet care. Expertly written these user-friendly guides are bound to delight the entire family. More Info
Item code 9781842861899
ISBN 9781842861899
Author Vickie Mckimmey
Publisher Interpet Publishing
Price £5.99
  The Complete Guide To Bird Dog Training   Product Information
Describes in detail six pointing and four flushing breeds, gives information on finding and acquiring a dog, and offers step-by-step guidance for training a bird dog to become a reliable companion in the field and at home. More Info
Item code 9781592288557
ISBN 9781592288557
Author John R. Falk
Publisher Lyons Press
Price £9.99
  The Ultimate Guide To Bird Dog Training   Product Information
The perfect book for both beginning and experienced bird dog trainers.

More Info
Item code TheUltimateGuideToBirdDogTraining
ISBN 9781592281619
Author Jerome B. Robinson
Publisher Lyons Press
Price £8.00