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  Canine Capers   Product Information

Canine Capers

By Susan St Maur

Over 350 jokes to make your tail wag

More Info
Item code 2232
ISBN 9781872119502
Author Suzan St Maur
Publisher Kenilworth Press
Price £4.95
  Cops 'N' Robbers   Product Information
Cops 'N' Robbers More Info
Item code 1844540081
ISBN 1844540081
Author Matthew Vetham & Stephen Brennan
Publisher John Blake Publishing
Price £3.50
  Horsey Wit - Quips & Quotes for the Quine-obsessed   Product Information
Horsey Wit - Quips & Quotes for the Quine-obsessed More Info
Item code 9781840247855
ISBN 9781840247855
Author Jane Brooke
Publisher Summersdale
Price £9.99
  In Search of Albion - From Cornwall to Cumbria: A Ride Through England's Hidden Soul   Product Information
Offering a warm, amusing and largely anecdotal commentary on modern England, Colin Irwin seeks out the traditional events, festivals and gigs that are becoming increasingly sidelined in our rapidly changing era of instant communication, multi-culturalism and Pop Idol. During his travels, Irwin drinks with eccentrics, sings with strangers and visits a succession of seriously bizarre events and rituals, such as a concert in Dartmoor Prison, sedan chair racing in Lancaster, people flying in Bognor and swimming in the Serpentine on Christmas Day. He discovers that while the world shrinks, there's an increasing tendency for communities to look inwardly at their own heritage. He finds that while the old ways may be in hiding they still thrive and - chatting along the way to iconic characters - that even English folk music is enjoying a resurgence. More Info
Item code 9780233001166
ISBN 9780233001166
Author Colin Irwin
Publisher Andre Deutsch
Price £7.00
  Mutch About Horses   Product Information
Mutch About Horses More Info
Item code 0668043873
ISBN 0668043873
Author Ronnie Mutch
Publisher The Lytons Press
Price £12.99
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