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  100 Ways To Improve Your Horse's Health   Product Information

A thorough and comprehensive look at horse care, with practical suggestions you can implement immediately.

More Info
Item code 1012
ISBN 9780715320013
Author Susan McBane
Publisher David & Charles
Price £15.00
  1001 Best Things Ever Said About Horses   Product Information
Words of wisdom about the nature of the beast. More Info
Item code 9781592289837
ISBN 9781592289837
Author Steven D. Price
Publisher The Lyons Press
Price £7.99
  101 Horsekeeping Tips   Product Information
This is a book on barn management strategies for happy and healthy horses. Safety, efficiency, and cleanliness are the hallmarks of every well-run stable. "101 Horsekeeping Tips" shares both time honoured and innovative stable management and veterinary approaches and methods to improve the day-to-day functioning of your barn. Your horses will be safer, healthier, and happier while you make your own work easier and more enjoyable. Whether you run a large training facility or keep a couple of ponies in the backyard, this is a book you and your horses can't afford to be without. More Info
Item code 9781592288311
ISBN 9781592288311
Author Jessie Shiers
Publisher The Lyons Press
Price £7.00
  A Quiet Word With Your Horse - Learning By Reward - The Key To Motivation And Trust   Product Information
Learn to develop a healthy, positive mutual trust between you and your horse. Focusing on positive horse training from the ground and under saddle, this book helps horse trainers to develop intelligence, creativity, and the ability to reason. It covers the key to motivation, and provides professional training tips for making training fun. The reader learns how to sensibly build up training using the clicker and target, without dominance and submission, but rather using positive reinforcement. More Info
Item code 9780857880079
ISBN 9780857880079
Author Marlitt Wendt
Publisher CADMOS
Price £20.00
  A Sunday Horse   Product Information
In the "Best in Show" tradition, tales of the horses and personalities, the riders and trainers, owners and judges, the big names and big money that make up the national horse show circuit 14,580,000 Americans over 12 ride horses regularly — 88 million Americans attended sanctioned horse-related events last year — 70,000 members of the American Horse Shows Association Everyone is looking for that somewhat elusive special mount that will bring them fame and fortune in the Grand Prix ring - a horse for Sunday afternoon, a horse that can be found at the bargain rate of $1500 or more than $1 million. Following the US national horse show and Grand Prix jumping circuit, Vicky Moon starts in Palm Beach with the Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival, moves on to America’s oldest shows in Upperville, Virginia, and Devon, Pennsylvania, then to the Indio Circuit in California, to Long Island for the classy Hampton Classic, down to the prestigious Washington Horse Show, and finishing at the National Horse Show. Just like "Best in Show," you’ll meet the riders, trainers, owners, judges, and the personalities such as "The Carrot Man," "The Masseuse," and the other fascinating characters who follow the horse show circuit. Big names and big money are all part of this intriguing world. More Info
Item code 9781931868419
ISBN 9781931868419
Author Vicky Moon
Publisher Capital Books
Price £12.99
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