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Product List
Hatfield's Herbal - The Secret History of British Plants
Hatfield's Herbal - The Secret History of British Plants
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Item code 9780140515770
ISBN 9780140515770
Author Gabrielle Hatfield
Publisher Penguin Books
Price £7.00
From ivy wreathed buildings to the dandelions growing through the cracks between paving stones, we are surrounded by a wealth of native plants. In the past they were a hugely valued resource: magical, mystical and medical. Puppies were once fed daisy flowers in milk to keep them small while children wore daisy chains to protect against fairy kidnapping. Poachers scattered mullein seed on the surface of the water to drug fish. In the flu epidemic of 1918 many Irish people carried wild garlic in their pockets to avoid infection.Packed with stories and memorable information, this book is the highly personal, very readable result of a lifetime spent researching folk cures and the science behind them. Outlining the history and uses of over 150 British plants, Hatfield's Herbal offers a fascinating history of what life was once like, a beautifully illustrated, evocative guide to our native plants and a passionate argument why we should better appreciate the riches we already have.
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