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  Nature, Nurture and Horses   Product Information

 Follow as four young horses - leave their babyhood behind and begin their training for future career as sport horses, well schooled in the art of classical dressage.

More Info
Item code Nature, Nurture and Horses
ISBN 9781570765315
Author Paul Belasik
Publisher Trafalgar Square
Price £25.00
  Practical dressage manual   Product Information

Practical dressage manual

By Bengt Ljungquist

More Info
Item code 2227
Author Bengt Ljungquist
Publisher Half Halt Press, Inc
Price £17.00
  Practical Dressage Manual   Product Information
Practical dressage manual More Info
ISBN 0939481367
Author Bengt Ljungquist
Publisher half halt press
Price £17.00
  Preparing for Dressage The Right Way - The Correct Training Methods For Success   Product Information
An essential tool for everyday use, this practical book makes dressage easy by providing concrete instructions on how to correctly ride dressage lessons from novice to Grand Prix A practical guide in the best sense of the word, instead of training each step of the exercise separately, internationally renowned trainer Katja von Rönne recommends following a "central theme" when training the horse. Instead of simply being reeled off, all of the lessons have an explicit purpose—to exercise the horse correctly and to nurture it in harmony and trust. Maintaining health and teamwork are paramount her methods, and descriptive explanations in each chapter show how to train a horse in a structured way, as well as what the rider can do if problems arise. A training plan with sequences of exercises connects the individual lessons for ultimate accessibility and cohesiveness of learning. More Info
Item code 9780857880055
ISBN 9780857880055
Author Katja Von Ronne
Publisher CADMOS
Price £20.00
  Successful Dressage   Product Information

Successful Dressage

By Kate Hamilton

More Info
Item code 2221
ISBN 9781861261687
Author Kate Hamilton
Publisher Crowood
Price £12.99
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