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  Free Jumping - A Practical Handbook   Product Information
Most horses love free jumping with its benefits for gymnastic training and development and this book has plenty of tips for successful free jumping. Using this practical book, which contains many helpful illustrations and step by step photographs, the reader will gain a better understanding of how to prepare for and carry out free jumping, while developing an eye for the horse's general improvement during training. Most horses will benefit from free jumping, it encourages freedom of movement, increases muscular strength and greatly improves co-ordination and jumping technique. More Info
Item code 9783861279549
ISBN 9783861279549
Author Claudia Gotz
Publisher CADMOS
Price £16.99
  Horses Never Lie - The Heart of Passive Leadership   Product Information
In Horses Never Lie Mark Rashid challenges the longstanding belief that in order to achieve success with horses a person must take a dominant role, becoming the ‘alpha leader’. Instead this remarkable book teaches you how to become a ‘passive leader’, a term coined my Mark that reflects the leadership values that really work with horses: More Info
Item code 9780715318416
ISBN 9780715318416
Author Mark Rashid
Publisher David & Charles
Price £12.99
  Learn to ride with the british horse society   Product Information
learn to ride with the british horse society More Info
ISBN 9781872119618
Author islay auty
Publisher kenilworth press
Price £16.95
  Lessons in lightness   Product Information
lessons in lightness More Info
ISBN 9781592283606
Author mark russel
Publisher The lyons press
Price £14.99
  MINI SCHOOL   Product Information
Minischool More Info
ISBN 9781570767975
Author Sabine ellinger
Price £14.99
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