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  6 Steps to a Schooled Horse   Product Information
This is a step-by-step training program for horse and rider blending together one of the most successful schooling systems in the world and the cutting edge principles of equitation science.The highly respected German Scales of Training, which aims for lightness and self-carriage in a calm, settled horse is the basis of the system which, combined with clear instruction, makes the technique accessible to anyone.Practical explanation and riding exercises provide a framework for achieving the six elements of a schooled horse, identified as: rhythm, looseness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection.Clearly defined qualities and standards to aim for at every stage allows measurable progression and provides reassurance that help is always at hand should something go wrong. More Info
Item code 9780715329917
ISBN 9780715329917
Author Susan McBane
Publisher David & Charles
Price £19.99
  Bombproof Your Horse - Teach Your Horse to Be Confident, Obedient and Safe No Matter What You Encounter   Product Information
This volume helps to train horses to cope with disturbances such as out of control bolts, baulks, wheel arounds or bucking. The author, an experienced horse trainer also offers sections on teachings basic necessary skills like walking on unusual surfaces and self-loading into a trailer. More Info
Item code 9780851318967
ISBN 9780851318967
Author SGT. Rick Pelicano
Publisher J. A. Allen
Price £19.99
  Buying and Reschooling Ex-Racehorses   Product Information

Buying and Reschooling Ex-Racehorses

By Christopher and Victoria Coldrey

More Info
Item code 2204
ISBN 9781861260888
Author Christopher and Victoria Coldrey
Publisher Crowood
Price £14.99
  Dancing with your horse   Product Information

Dancing with your Horse

By Libby Anderson and Leigh Ann Hazel-Groux

More Info
Item code 2167
ISBN 9780939481668
Author Libby Anderson Leigh Ann Hazel-Groux
Publisher Half Halt Press, Inc
Price £18.00
  Essential Exercises for Training Horses An Illustrated Guide   Product Information

Essential Exercises for Training Horses An Illustrated Guide by Sally O'Connor

More Info
Item code 2026
ISBN 9780939481736
Author Sally O'Connor
Publisher Half Halt Press, Inc Boonsboro, Maryland
Price £22.99
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