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  Amanda Owen Tales From The Farm The Yorkshire Shepherdess SIGNED COPY   Product Information

Amanda Owens fourth book, published March 2021.

Hardback, signed copy.  We are unable to fulfill any requests for personalised books.

A charming evocative collection of Amanda Owen's columns in The Dalesman magazine, describing life on the farm for her family.  For everyone who loves watching Amanda Owen and her family on Our Yorkshire Farm, or enjoys reading her best selling books comes this delightful and uplifting collection of her monthly Dalesman columns.

In Tales from the Farm by the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda takes readers on an evocative journey to Ravenseat, where she lives with husband Clive and their nine children, not to mention their flock of sheep, herd of cows, hardworking dogs and a formidable chicken called Linda.  Covering events in 2019 and 2020 Amanda describes saving the life of a new born calf on New Years Eve and watching, mouth agape, as their livestock trailer was swept away by floodwater in March.  Son Sidney braves the wrath of Linda and husband Clive crafts an unusual Valentine's Day Gift.  Eldest daughter Raven leaves the nest headed for university, while young sheepdog Taff and Tony the pony arrive at the farm. 

As COVID -19 sends the country into lockdown, Amanda feels more lucky than ever to live close to nature, finding happiness in the beauty of the Dales and the unchanging routines of the farming year.  Illustrated with charming line-drawings throughout, this book is the perfect gift for fans of the Owen family and a chance to catch up on their adventure.

More Info
Author Amanda Owen
Price £12.99
  Amanda Owen A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess SIGNED COPY   Product Information
Amanda Owen's second book.

Paperback, signed copy.

Every day at Ravenseat, a remote Yorkshire hill farm, brings new adventures for shepherdess Amanda Owen, her husband Clive and their children.  In her latest book Amanda describes how they live in tune with the age-old cycles of a farming year as they tend to their sheep on some of the country's highest, bleakest moors.  Writing with her trademark warmth and humour, Amanda also reveals how nine-year-old MIles got his first flock, Rueben took up the flugelhorn and how she gave birth to a new baby girl.  She is touched by the epic two-day journey of a ewe determined to find her lamb and gives a new home to an ageing neglects horse.  Meanwhile, Clive is almost arrested on a midnight stakeout to catch a sheep-worrying dog and becomes the object of affection for a randy young bull.  Beautifully evoking the landscape of the Dales and the hardy folk who farm there, A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess will delight everyone who has dreamed of living close to nature. 

More Info
ISBN 9781447295266
Price £8.99
  Amanda Owen Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess SIGNED COPY   Product Information

Amanda Owen's third book.

 Paperback, signed copy.


Amanda Owen loves her traditional life on her hill farm alongside her nine children and husband Clive.  And, as readers of her previous bestsellers will know, every day at Ravenseat brings surprises.  In Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda takes us from her family's desperate race to save a missing calf to finding her bra has been repurposed as a house martin's nest, through to the brutal winter of 2018 that almost brought her to her knees.  As busy as she is with her family and flock, though, an exciting new project soon catches her eye... Ravenseat is a tenant farm and may not stay in the family, so when Amanda discovers a nearby farmhouse up for sale, she knows it is her chance to create roots.  The old house needs a lot of renovation and money is tight, so Amanda sets about the work herself, with some help from a travelling monk, a visiting plumber and Clive.  It's fair to say things do not go according to plan!  Funny, evocative and set in a remote and beautiful landscape, this book will delight anyone who has hankered after a new life in the country.

More Info
ISBN 9781509852697
Price £8.99
  Amanda Owen PRE-ORDER SIGNED COPY Celebrating the Seasons with The Yorkshire Shepherdess published 28.10.21   Product Information

Amanda Owen's fifth book.  Hardback, signed copy.

Pre-order for dispatch upon release.  Publication date is due on 28th October 2021.  We will dispatch this item as quickly as possible once it is in stock.

A stunning new book from Amanda Owen -shepherdess, wife, mother of nine children, best-selling author and star of C5's Our Yorkshire Farm- that brings her world to life in glorious colour.

In Celebrating the Seasons Amanda shares funny and charming stories about life with her family and their many four-legged charges, from lambing and shearing to haymaking and feeding the flock in mid winter.  Providing an intimate view of her life, Amanda describes these activites in a month by month format, illustrated with gorgeous full colour photographs to showcase the famous Swaledale landscape.


She lives in tune with nautre, and Amanda's attitude to food is the same.  Amanda will be including 24 of her favourite homely and simple recipes, all easy and cheap to make.  She believes in buying good, seasonal ingredients when it comes to feeding her family and includes her favourite recipes here, from Wild Garlic Lamb with Hasselback Roast Potatoes to Rhubarb and Custard Crumble Cake and Yorkshire Curd Tart.

More Info
ISBN 9781529056853
Author Amanda Owen
Price £20.00
  Amanda Owen The Yorkshire Shepherdess Autobiography SIGNED COPY   Product Information

Amanda Owen's first book.

 Paperback, signed copy.

Amanda has been eagerly watched by millions of viewers of  ITV`s The Dales living and working at Ravenseat, a hill farm of 2,000 acres which she shares with 900 sheep, seven children, four dogs and one husband  Not to mention chickens, pigs, cows, horses, an uncontrollable goat and a vole who has taken up residence in the sitting room. It's a far cry from her childhood industrial Huddersfield... In this delightful memoir she reveals how she achieved her dream of becoming a shepherdess and how she and husband Clive have dealt with the ups and downs of farming life-from the tragedy of foot and mouth disease to the joy of breeding a champion tup, and from the pleasures of living in tune with the changing seasons to the challenges of raising children in such a remote location.

Funny heart warming and packed with unforgettable characters - both human and animal - The Yorkshire Shepherdess will inspire you to look at the countryside and those who work there with new appreciation.

More Info
ISBN 978-1-4472-5178-1
Author Amanda Owen
Publisher Pan Books
Price £8.99
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