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  breyer kaitlyn cowgirl   Product Website Product Information


Cowgirl – Classic Scale


This 6" articulated Western rider comes dressed to impress in flashy Western show attire! Set also includes a Western saddle, bridle, and saddle pad which will fit a Classics horse.


Horse not included


Collectors Information: Classic Scale


Dimensions: 30cm L x 20cm H

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Item code 61053
Price £19.00
  BREYER NYLON HALTERS-HOT COL0URS [3PCS   Product Website Product Information

3 Hot Coloured Nylon Halters – Traditional Scale

3 Piece assortment of Hot Colored Nylon Halters. Horse not included.

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Dimensions: 15cm L x 20cm H

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Item code 2474
Price £14.95
  Breyer shire   Product Information


The epitome of the term "gentle giant" the shire is a draft breed hailing from the united kingdom  on average  the shire stands 17.2-19.2 h and can weigh over 2,000 pounds strong and hardy  these heavy horses descended from the medieval war horses of England and were bred for hauling substantial loads  and agricultural work .As the need for the shires Labor diminished  so did the breeds numbers . The livestock conservancy currently lists the shire as a critically endangered breed  but thanks to dedicated breeders and owners  they are experiencing a slow revival

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Item code 1793
Price £52.00
  BREYER Show Jumping Oxer   Product Website Product Information


Show Jumping Oxer


An oxer is a  set of fences placed several feet apart give width to a jump encouraging a greater effort from the horse. Beautifullyhand-crafted in wood and painted in colourful red and white.


Set Includes: two fences when put together make up the oxer fence as shown in the picture.


Scale: 1:9

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Red and white

Box Size: 42cm L x 7cm W x 14cm H

More Info
Item code 2014
Price £27.50
  Breyer Stable Feeding Set   Product Website Product Information

Stable Feeding Set



Suitable for the traditional scale models this finely-detailed boxed set includes:




Aluminum water trough


Hay bale and hay net


Feed bucket




Bag of feed


Feed scoop






Scale: 1:9


Collectors Information: Traditional Scale


Dimensions: 23cm L x 26cm H approx


More Info
Item code 24860
Price £22.00
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