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  Stable cleaning accessories   Product Information


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Item code 610740
Price £16.00
  Stable Cleaning Set No. 2477   Product Website Product Information


Stable Cleaning Set


Stable and haybales not included.


This set comes complete with broom, shovel, pitch fork, muck bucket and wheelbarrow. There is also some imitation manure should you need it!


This set is scaled to both Traditional and Classic model horses and riders.


Scale: 1:9th and 1:12

Collectors Information: Traditional and Classic

Dimensions: Scaled to fit Traditional and Classic models.


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Item code 2477
Price £18.00
  Stable Island Horse   Product Website Product Information

Sable Island Horse

The Provincial Horse of Nova Scotia

 Canada’s Sable Island is home to the feral Sable Island Horse. They likely descended from horses that were brought to the island for grazing in the 1700s. Pony-sized at only 13-14hh, the typical Sable Island Horse has a dark-colored solid coat, narrow but deep-chested body, strong legs, and long mane and tail. The island’s horse population historically ranges from 200-500 horses. Breyer is pleased to have this horse in our 2020 line.

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale Pony

Colour: Bay

Breed: Stable Island Pony

Dimensions: 23cm L by 35cm H

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Item code 1823
Price £46.00
  Stablemate   Product Website Product Information


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Item code 6900S
Price £4.50
  Stablemate   Product Website Product Information


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Item code 69001
Price £4.50
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