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  Chestnut sport horse   Product Website Product Information

Chestnut Sport Horse

The term Sport Horse is relatively new in the world of horses and generally refers more to a type of horse than a particular breed. In general, sport horses refer to horses that are often Warmbloods or a mix of Warmblood and Thoroughbred that are used to compete in the Olympic disciplines of show jumping, eventing and dressage as well as combined driving. This sport horse is a liver chestnut with an irregular star on his nose.

Collectors Information: Classic Scale

Colour: Liver Chestnut

Breed: Sport Horse

Dimensions: 30cm L x 20cm H

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Item code 0924
Price £24.00
  Classics day at the vet   Product Website Product Information

Day at the Vet

Children can take the foal to its first checkup at the vet's, where it meets some new animal friends! Includes: 6" articulated doll, foal, foal blanket, cat, dog, bucket, vet bag, and stethoscope.

Collectors Information: Classic Scale

Dimensions: 20cm L x 20cm H

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Item code 62028
Price £38.00
  Classics western horse and rider   Product Website Product Information

Western Horse and Rider Set

Whether riding the trails or working on the ranch, this Western rider and her trusty sorrel steed are ready! Includes: 6" articulated rider, horse, saddle pad, Western saddle and bridle

Scale: 1:12

Collectors Information: Classic Scale

Colour: Sorrel

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Dimensions: 25cm L x 20cm H

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Item code 61116
Price £43.00
  Clouds Legend   Product Information

Cloud a palomino  mustang stallion roaming free in montanas pryor mountains had his life documented from birth by emmmy winning filmmaker ginger kathrens . as an aging stallion cloud sired his final three foals with mare Feldspar Mato Ska Encore and pride .

Clouds offspring and his remarkable story will ensure that his legacy continues to roam free . A portion of the proceeds from the sales of clouds legend will benefit the cloud foundation and support local television .

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Item code 1808 a
Price £48.00
  Cosmus   Product Website Product Information




Classic Scale Pegasus

Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, is a beloved figure in Greek mythology, associated with thunder and lightning and known as a symbol of wisdom and inspiration for poetry.  Cosmus is a beautiful Pegasus with a pearly, lavender coat that shines as brilliantly as the constellation of stars named Pegasus.


Scale: 1:12


Collectors Information: Classic Scale


Colour: Pearlescent Purple


Breed: Pegasus


Dimensions: 17cm L x 18cm H

More Info
Item code 62052
Price £39.00
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