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  Unbridled   Product Information
Native American myths, songs, and rituals speak of people's longstanding reverence for an animal re-introduced to the Americas by the Spanish, an animal that has become symbolic of The Frontier, like the bison, grizzly, or wolf. More than just a means of transportation, the Western horse has powered our imagination. It has transcended divisions of race, class, age, and gender, to become an American icon. Popular culture and countless works of art have immortalized it. Without it, the West would be impoverished, lacking in the stories that continue to shape our identity. Unbridled is the first literary compilation focusing entirely on this tough and charismatic breed. Edited by outdoors educator and horseman Michael Engelhard, it represents the best of equestrian writing with contributions by ranchers, cowboys, wranglers, artists, journalists, soldiers, vaqueros, Native Americans, Western women, and even a president. This is a book for enthusiasts of wide-open spaces and the people and creatures inhabiting them. More Info
Item code 9781592286706
ISBN 9781592286706
Author Michael Engelhard
Publisher The Lyons Press
Price £9.00
  Vincent O' Brien   Product Information
Vincent O' Brien More Info
Item code 9780553817393
ISBN 9780553817393
Author Jaqueline O'Brien & Ivor Herbert
Publisher Bantam Books
Price £10.99
  Well Groomed   Product Information
Well Groomed More Info
Item code 9780340660492
ISBN 9780340660492
Author Fiona Walker
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Price £8.99
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