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  The Pale Horseman   Product Information
The Pale Horseman More Info
Item code 9780007873784
ISBN 9780007873784
Author Bernard Cornwell
Publisher HarperCollins
Price £4.00
  Tim the Tiny Horse   Product Information
We don't know his breed, or where he came from, all we really know is his size. Small. Very Small. In fact, if you think of a matchbox and halve it, then halve it again - got that? That's about how big he is. Ever see a horse like that? No? Maybe you're not looking hard enough or maybe Tim the Tiny horse is a one-off. Perhaps he's the result of global warming or some crazy mutation. We'll probably never know, but for the time being let's just accept the fact that he's here and enjoy his adventures.  More Info
Item code TimTinyHorse
ISBN 9780571229567
Author Harry Hill
Publisher Faber and Faber
Price £4.00
  Tim the Tiny Horse at Large   Product Information
In his new book of adventures, Tim the tiny horse has to deal with some BIG things. He falls in love for the first time with a lady fly who doesn’t appreciate him, so he acquires a pet greenfly (called George) to love instead. He has fun being best man at Fly’s wedding, and experiences the joys and horrors of babysitting Fly’s new baby. And then he decides to rent out his matchbox stable to a mad ladybird and her chaotic host of ant friends ...  More Info
Item code TimTinyHorseatLarge
ISBN 9780571244157
Author Harry Hill
Publisher Faber and Faber
Price £4.00
  Tongue In Cheek   Product Information
Tongue In Cheek More Info
Item code 9780340895795
ISBN 9780340895795
Author Fiona Walker
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Price £6.99
  Twice Shy   Product Information
Twice Shy More Info
Item code 9780330519182
ISBN 9780330519182
Author Dick Francis
Publisher Pan Books
Price £4.00
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