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Product List
The Difficult Horse
The Difficult Horse
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Item code 2102
ISBN 9781847974273
Author Sarah Fisher and Karen Bush
Publisher Crowood
Price £14.99

The Difficult Horse provides many insights as to why a horse may develop unwanted behaviours.  'Problem' behaviour is usually more of a problem for the handler than the horse, which is likely to have established patterns of behaviour as a way of helping himself feel safe in situations he finds mentally and/or physically stressful.  As well as explaining the reasons for a horse's reactive and sometimes dangerous responses, this book suggests a number of practical exercises that can help to address a wide range of commonly encountered issues.  Even if you consider your horse to be problem-free, these exercises will still be invaluable in helping you and your horse to develop a closer, more pleasurable and successful relationship.

  • The causes of stress
  • Lifestyle and stress management
  • Reading a horse's 'body language'
  • Addressing phobias
  • Uses of TTouch and NLP

Sarah Fisher is a TTouch Instructor and animal behaviour counsellor.  She has worked with animals for over seventeen years and has given talks and demonstrations on horse handling and behaviour for many top animal welfare organisations, professional associations and riding clubs around the world.  She is the author of several books and magazine articles on animal behaviour, and has made numerous television and radio appearances.

Karen Bush holds the BHS Intermediate Teaching qualification and worked in several riding schools before becoming a freelance instructor.  Over the last thirty years she has written regularly for numerous equestrian magazines and is the author of several books about horses.  

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